Project Description

Avenida Europa, 1 46529 Sagunt – València

Municipal ownership

Authorisations: 2 days

Recording: 24 hours


Telephone number: +34 962 655 859

The Casa Peña de Sagunto is an old rice house that has been converted into an environmental education and volunteering centre. It is located in the Almardà-Almenara marsh in an area of great scenic and environmental value, where you can discover the most typical ecosystems of the coastal wetlands. Namely, dunes, salt marshes and wetlands.

The Casa Peña is also located next to the Finca de Peña Wildlife Reserve, which has three viewpoints for observing various birds and plants.

The Casa Peña belongs to the Sagunto Town Hall, and is managed by the company Acció Ecologista-Agró.