Project Description

Av. Hornos Altos, 49A 46520 Port de Sagunt – Valencia

Owned by: Ministry of Culture

Permits: 21 days

Recording: 24 hours


Telephone number: +34 962 655 859

Enormous building located next to the port. The Workshop Unit was built in 1919 to house the boilerworks, locomotive repair workshops and foundry and adjustment workshops for the metallurgical industry. This complex of huge historical and archaeological value has been dubbed the “Cathedral of Industry”, owing to its size and appearance.

The view from outside is impressive. There are four units in total: two central units of the same height, measuring 22.5 metres wide; and two side units, slightly shorter than the central ones, each measuring 15 metres wide. The difference in height allows light to flood into the central units through a strip of openings.

Inside, it is a huge open-plan space that is only differentiated by the varying ceiling heights, with this being lowerin the side units and higher in the two central units. It is held in place by four rows of iron pillars supporting metal trusses which hold up the lightest roof material.

It was recently restored and converted into a huge cultural venue for the hosting of theatre performances, festivals, exhibitions and congresses.